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Caveman throws a weapon illustration

Caveman throws a weapon illustration

Simple image of a cavemen (or primitive man) who is hunting or fighting by throwing a weapon with a choice of spear, boomerang and rock.

Puppet with broken strings Illustration

Puppet with broken strings illustration

A puppet (or marionette to be exact) of a little girl sits with all but one string broken, surrounded by toy blocks, bells and a ball.

Computer Rage Illustration of office worker punching VDU

Computer Rage Illustration of office worker punching VDU

Female office worker loses patience with her desktop computer and quite naturally destroys it with a punch to the VDU. Also available as a T Shirt and other items from Zazzle with the words "Buffer the hell out of this!"

Volcanic ash cloud no fly zone sign. Illustration

Volcanic ash cloud no fly zone signs

This is just one of a collection of no flying signs in the event of a volcanic ash cloud preventing air travel. It also contains some nice and clean jet airliner images. Jet engines and volcanic ash, so it seems, do not get along well. The ash melts to the hot turbine blades and very quickly changes their shape resulting in engine failure. With the massive disruption to flights continueing due to the icelandic volcano, if you, like me, are worried about your holiday, advice can be found on great sites like: globebloggers.com,  And if you'd like more infomation on why jets can't fly, take a look at Volcanic ash: who says flying's not safe?.

Deaths Head Mosquito

Deaths Head Malaria Mosquito

Image symbolising the horrendous death toll due to malaria caused by the mosquito - Up to 2.7 million people per year (World Health Organisation).

Currency Compass

Simple Clean Currency Compass

Simple clean currency compass designed with the worlds major currencies. - e.g. US Dollars, Sterling (British pounds), Yen, Rupee, Euro, Rouble, Won and Yuan. Useful to document "Financial Compass" or "Monetary Compass", Banking, stock exchanges, etc.

Desert Patrol Military Vehicles Raising Dust

Desert Patrol Military Vehicles Raising Dust

Three silhouetted images of desert troops raising dust as they attack/patrol. Loose hand drawn vehicles based on US M1 A1 Abrams, M113 and Humvee.

Beach buggy llustration

Cool beach buggy on a warm sandy beach

An illustration of a beach buggy zooming about the sandy dunes on a sunny day. This fun and funky dune buggy was designed for a driving school website many years ago, but never got used. I quickly drew it as a funked up VW beetle but realised later that real VW beachbuggies don't really look much like this. Available as vector and jpeg illustration. This illustration would be useful for illustrating sites like Southern Dune Buggy Club or JAS Beachbuggies.

Murder mystery objects including guns, knives, forensics, magnifying glasses, bullets, blood, finger prints

Murder Mystery (Whodunit) Elements Illustration

A collection of elements that would be useful for a murder mystery or whodunit (whodunnit) illustration. Includes the following. Three handguns : snub nosed revolver, automatic with brown handle and again with a black handle. Hand holding gun. Gunsmoke. three knives : hunting knife, kitchen knife, switchblade. Poison bottle. Blood splatter. Fingerprint. Magifying Glass. Bullet with rifling marks. Murder Outline from three perspectives. Shadows of all objects.

Poison Bottle

Poison Bottle Illustration

Simple isolated poison bottle from my Murder Mystery collection.

Knives : Hunting knife, Switchblade, Carving knife

Knives : Hunting, Switchblade, Carving

Simple knives from my Murder Mystery collection.

Murder Mystery Playing Cards, King, Qeen, Jack, Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, Clubs

Murder Mystery Playing Cards

A collection of murder mystery playing cards each depicting a murder (or could be murderer) in silhouette holding a weapon. Weapons include: knife, rolling pin, poker, poison (liquid), poison (powder), and handgun.

Gun Crime, Hooded mugger in alleyway

Gun Crime Illustration

A hooded man is mugging someone in an alleyway. With the vector version of this file the background can be easily removed or modified. In the UK, although gun crime makes up less than one per cent of the total number of crimes committed every year, the number of reported offences has been growing steadily over the past few years. Much of this is because of an increase in the use of imitation guns. There has also been a sharp increase in the number of young people who say they carry real or fake handguns to supposedly protect themselves. It's not just towns and cities that are affected by gun crime - it's also a problem in the countryside.

Simple Circular Elephant Illustrations

Simple Circular Elephant Design Illustrations

Simple illustrations of elephants. All based on circular (or rather elliptical) shapes. Great for use as icons or similar. Also used as T shirt and other designs in zazzle.

A shining knight on a charger rescues an office worker on press of the Escape Key

Escape Key / Knight Rescue : Cartoon

A silly cartoon of an office worker being rescued from work by a knight in shining armour who appears when she hits the escape key.

Two naked witches dance around a fire and cauldron in the forest - illustration

Naked Witches Dance illustration

Illustration for a poster for "The Crucible" play. Shows two witches dancing around a fire/cauldron at night time. Useful to prepresent paganism, spirituality or naturism... etc. Two versions - one with foreground objects, and one without.

Little Girl Pirate with Attitude Illustration

Little Girl Pirate with Attitude

Illustration of a sneering pirate girl on the deck of a ship or dockside wielding a large sword. A pirate ship sails in the background. Rough sketch outline with relaxed coloring to give a children's book style illustration. Layered to allow easy edit and removal of colors to give outline. This image was created for a poster for a production of "Peggy the Pint Sized Pirate".

Windsurfing Glass of Light Beer Illustration/Clip Art

Windsurfing Glass of Light Beer

Windsurfing Pint of Lager or Light Beer Illustration with lots of room for a message on the sail. Sun, Sea, Surf, Wind and Beer - What more could you want!

Windsurfing Glass of Beer Illustration/Clip Art

Windsurfing Glass of Beer

Windsurfing Pint of Beer Illustration with lots of room for a message on the sail. Sun, Sea, Surf, Wind and Beer - What more could you want!

Mother Goose with Golden Egg Illustration/Clip Art

Mother Goose with Golden Egg

A Pantomime favourite - Mother Goose with a huge Golden Egg. Mother Goose is one of those things that is intepreted differently depending upon where you come from. In the USA, Mother Goose is a story teller whereas in the UK she's the lead character in a not so well known pantomime - depicted here.

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