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Sail Surf and Boat Photographs : Royalty Free images

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Red Sail, dinghy sailing into the sun on a blue sea

A lone sailor in a dinghy sailing into the sun

Nice features are the bright red sail and strong contrast. To get that deep blue sea, the colour was pushed a little in post processing.

Clean illustration of a dinghy with red sail

Clean illustration of a dinghy with red sail

An illustration based on the red sail dinghy image. Clean simple lines with the bright red sail on white make this a pleasing image.

Red Kite Surfer Sail against a blue sky hanging just above the surf.

A kitesurfers red sail hangs like a crescent moon

One of my favourite photos - for it's simplicity. The vivid redness of the kite is reflected nicely on the warm looking waves.

A beautiful day on a red sea dive boat

Dive equipment on the back of a dive boat in the Red Sea

The photograph was probably taken on Christmas Eve... what a nice way to spend Christmas. Blue sky, blue sea, cool water.

Dive equipment on the back of a dive boat (landscape)

Dive equipment on the back of a dive boat (landscape)

Another shot of the dive boat with its buoy, fins (flippers), weights and other dive equipment

Sun, Sports, Golf, Sailing, Tennis, Swimming, Sunglasses Background Montage

Sun and Sports Sunglasses Background

Designed as a background for sports eyewear and performance sunglasses advert, this montage comprises of a warm colour scheme with sun high in the sky over looking blue water and a swimmer in googles in the foreground. Other elements include a sailing boat (yacht) in the background, a golf ball and the head of the golf club and a tennis racket (racquet) and ball onver the sun. There is also lots of room for copy. In the advert for which it was designed, some nike sports sunglasses were also added to the montage - but of course these have been removed in this instance for copyright reasons.

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