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Dirt Bike Sidecar Team

Motocross sidecar (Sidecarcross) team climb a hill

A sidecar cross team coming into a turn on a steep hill. Sidecarcross is carried out in the same way as regular motocross on very much the same tracks. Handling is different due to the sidecar. Thus the driver cannot lean over in the turns to overcome the centripetal forces, instead, to make sure the sidecar does not flip over, the passenger leans out (of the sidecar) as much as possible in the corners. The passenger does much more physical work than the driver since they move their whole body around continuously.The passenger is known as the "monkey".

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Motocross sidecar (Sidecarcross) team climb a hill : Shutterstock

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Motocross sidecar (Sidecarcross) team climb a hill : Bigstock

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