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Roman Soldier with plumed helmet : Illustration

Roman Soldier (Centurion) with plumed helmet : Illustration

Portrait of Roman Soldier with a red plumed helmet. His helmet is taken from an original which is on show in the British museum. The details of the helmet are as follows. Source: Roman Britain, 1st century AD, From Witcham Gravel, Ely, Cambridgeshire. Description: The helmet would have protected the wearer's head with an inner iron head-piece and neck-guard, which are now largely missing. Though the small bosses would have helped deflect blows from weapons, the outer bronze casing is mostly decorative. A silvery coating of tin was applied to the dome, neck-guard and cheek-pieces, giving a striking contrast with the golden-coloured bronze parts. Note that in my image I have removed this colour difference.

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Roman Soldier (Centurion) with plumed helmet : Illustration : Istockphoto

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